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Cambodia Travel Guide

Cambodia, officially the Kingdom of Cambodia, is often snubbed in favour of other Southeast Asian destinations, but the country has more than a few exciting destinations. Angkor Wat, the largest temple complex in the world and the most visited archaeological site in Southeast Asia, paradise islands in the south of the country, pristine forest, and a lot of recent history that unfortunately concerns one of the worst genocides ever. The government has a lot to offer.

Canary Islands Travel Guide

I visited the Canary Islands archipelago during a two-month trip, during which I explored all the major islands of the archipelago except for El Hierro.  Whether it’s a backpacking adventure, a road trip or an all-inclusive vacation, you’ll find plenty of valuable tips and insights in this guide to help you plan your trip to the best of your ability and choose the island or islands that are best for you. 

A guide for Trekking Annapurna Circuit, Annapurna Base Camp and Poon Hill

I have personally completed all the treks, just mentioned, independently, without a guide and without porters, in the company of my dad! Whether you are a DIY-loving independent traveler or you are simply gathering information and then relying on some local agency or guide, in this blog you will find all the information and advice to do so. But first, as promised, let’s have some clarity:

Australia Travel Guide

Australia, with its vast unspoiled spaces ranging from beautiful beaches to deserts, rainforests, the famous “outback,” and the Great Barrier Reef, is a paradise for nature lovers. Having lived in Australia for two years and traveled for about six months, I’ve explored all the most popular destinations and some less touristy places. Whether planning a backpacking trip, an epic road trip, or simply gathering information to organize a more comfortable tour, you’ll find everything in this guide. Quick menu When to visit Australia Documents and vaccinations to enter Australia What to do and see in Australia: Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, Northern Territory, Western Australia, South Australia, Tasmania Recommended itineraries in Australia How to get around Australia Backpacking Australia: costs Backpacking Australia: safety Steep Point, West Coast Australia. When to visit Australia Given the size of the country, it is challenging to discuss climate without making clear distinctions based on the region. Also, remember that the seasons are reversed from the Northern Hemisphere! Broadly speaking, if we draw an imaginary line that cuts the country in half from east to west (roughly at the height of Brisbane), in the southern half, you’ll find four distinct seasons with hot summers and winters that can be surprisingly cold, especially in Victoria and Tasmania. The country’s northern half has two seasons: the dry season (April to November), with pleasant temperatures and little to no rainfall, and the highly humid rainy season (November

Viaggio in Brasile fai da te

Brazil is the largest country in South America and the fifth largest globally. It is a place where diversity reigns supreme: from metropolises such as São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, which, as everyone knows, is home to the world’s most famous carnival, to the unspoiled nature of the Amazon rainforest, throwing in dreamy beaches, colonial cities, an unbridled passion for soccer, and incredible people—in short, there is something for everyone!

Argentina Travel Guide

Argentina has always been one of the most popular countries to visit in South America. From the vibrant atmosphere of Buenos Aires, to natural wonders like Iguazu Falls and the Perito Moreno Glacier in Patagonia, and culminating with the vineyards of Mendoza and delectable meat dishes, the country offers something for everyone.

Chile Travel Guide

Chile is an extraordinary country. From north to south, it measures more than 4,000 km, and at its widest point, it barely reaches 240 km. This vast expanse means it traverses at least seven distinct climates, ranging from the driest desert in the world to the extreme cold of Chilean Patagonia, making it truly unique.

Bolivia Travel Guide

When I think of Bolivia, I recall its rugged streets, average food, and the poorest internet connection I’ve ever experienced. However, it’s also a nation abundant in natural beauty and culture. Often dubbed the Tibet of the Americas, Bolivia is regarded as one of the most isolated countries in the region because, like Paraguay, it’s landlocked. Compared to other countries in the Americas, Bolivia boasts the highest proportion of indigenous people, with approximately 60 percent of its population being of pure Native American ancestry. This guide is primarily for those who want to plan a backpacking trip, but it will also be helpful for those who perhaps opt for a few extra comforts. Quick menu When to visit Bolivia Documents and vaccinations to enter Bolivia What to do and see in Bolivia Suggested itineraries Bolivia How to get around Bolivia Backpacking Bolivia: costs Backpacking Bolivia: safety Laguna Colorada, Reserva Eduardo Abaroa. When to visit Bolivia Speaking generally, the climate varies radically according to altitude, but it is still possible to divide it into two seasons. The dry season, which runs from May to October, is the best time to visit the country. In the highlands, especially at night, it can be cold, but the days are almost always sunny, making it the best time for trekking. At lower altitudes and in the Amazon rainforest, temperatures are lower than in the rainy season, but rainfall, although lower, is still present. The.. .

Colombia Travel Guide

Colombia is undoubtedly one of the hottest destinations of the moment. Associated for years with guerrillas and drug trafficking, it has made such strides in security that Lonely Planet named it the second-best country to visit in 2017.